Catbert typing
"Catbert" was a character on the show and in the comicstrip Dilbert in the series he was vocied by seinfelds Jason Alexander


like Dogbert Catbert has inttelect. but he uses it only to make the companys employees lives a living hell. despite his slightly above average intllect he is very incompent at his job instead of a derictor of human resourecs. he instead makes people sign papers that grant him more power than he already has,or making them sign papers allowing him to make fun them then announces on the intercom.


Despite being a highly intelligent cat, he is still a cat and can easily fall to his cat like temptaitons. such as when he told Alice that she must be punished because someone did not like her joke.he wouldent tell her who complained till she pulled out a 10 pound bag of catnip.and he also likes to play with people like balls of string.

reaction from others

many of the people in the office strongly resent Catbert because of his cruelty to others.Wally resents him because he made him be his door troll, Dilbert hates him because Catbert hates him' and Alice hates him because of his rude comments and opionated nature.