"Dr.Otto Scratchansniff was a character on the show Animaniacs he was voiced by Rob Paulsen


Otto appers as a thin tall and bald man in his late 40s-early 50s he has a thick austrain accent

Importance to the Warners

Although Mr.Plotz orderd him to help catch the warner siblings in most skits he is more like there father than there enemey.despite that he is still exetremly annoyed with the warners vexing him. such as questions that lead to nowhere and calling him (pea sytrist) rather than psychiatrist


Otto has a bust of Sigmund Frued which also happens to be a giant Pez despnser. he also talks to the bust for advice.

Before the Warners

Otto was not always bald he used to have a full head of hair until he ripped it all out because of his fustration with the Warner siblings

Mr Puppethead

scratchansniff had a puppet called Mr.Puppet head (which is really just a puppet version of himself) to talk to the Warners but eventually starts talking to the puppet himself questioning his own sanity