Gil dancing
"Gil" was character on the show The Simpsons he is voiced by Dan Canstellanta


Gil is seen as povertey stricken.And not to mention incomptent at his jobs or at anything in that manner. He is also dependent on others.he is also suicidal in as seen in the episode "Tis the Fiftenth Season" where he is seen attempting to hang himself with Christmas lights.


In most episodes Gil is seen as a salesman attempting to get sale from a sertain person (mostly the Simpson family). But the attempt alawys fails no matter what. in one episode his sale was taken over by a more comptent less shabby looking salesman.


Gil has also had a job as lawyer in several episodes this is the only job he has succced in even the slightist bit in the episode "Sweet and Sour Marge" he won Marges case aganist sugar sweets.but in the episode The Frying Game he lost the case and got Marge and Homer sent to execution for a murder they did not commit.

Personal life

Gil used to have a wife but he divorced her after an affair.

death or possible elimnation from the series

In the episode I Don't want To Know why A Cage Bird Sings as Gil is about to save the coustomers from a bank robber Gil Is shot several times in the back and chest it is unknown if he will be back or will have a permanet death or just a serious injury.