"Hamton Pig was a character on the show Tiny Toon Adventures he was modeld after Porky Pig

Simalrites to Porky

Much like Porky Hamton is a very easygoing optimistic person but people try to take advantage of his easy going nature (mostly Plucky) but because his easygoing nature when he is upset instead of dusting it iff he blows a fuse even over the smallest things that he cant do.


at most times Hampton wears blue overalls and is 12-14 years old (in human years of course) he sounds much like porky pig


Hamtons Parents are annoying and somtimes obvlivous to Hamptons like in the the tiny toons movie "how I spent my vacation" where they put him on a ride where he kept on barfing.

viedo games

since Don Messick died in 1997 hamton was voiced by billy west in the viedogames