"Hooked on a celling" was a skit in on the show Animaniacs it aired on sep 1993


the skit starts off with the narrator telling us about the achviments of the story starts with michangelo throwing the artists out sistine chapel. and putting on a painters wanted sign. and going back in a rage telling everyone in the church to get out while he thinks up of an idea.he then realizes that he cant do this all alone so he prays for some help. seconds later the Waner siblings burst though the door. and sing a song about how they help paint ceilings.they then throw michangelo out of the church.when he is let back in he discovers that his ceiling is covred with white paint.he orders them to put it back. the warners push him outside. hours later he realizes that he has to keep an eye on them he busts though the door only to find out that it has been desacrated by painting of elvis,dogs playing poker and more.he then orders them to paint once more.they then paint the intire thing in minutes. and in the end his emmince happens to be steven spielberg.