Invader Zim
Country of Origin USA
Channel Nickelodeon
Studio Nicktoons Productions
Nova Star Productions
Number of Episodes 27
Creators Jhonen Vasquez
Key Production Staff Writers
Rob Hummel
Jhonen Vasquez
Eric Trueheart
Courtney Lilly
Roman Dirge

Kevin Manthei
Voices Richard Steven Horvitz
Andy Berman
Rosearik Rikki Simons
Melissa Fahn
Jhonen Vasquez
Rodger Bumpass
Lucille Bliss
Wally Wingert
Mo Collins
Original run
IMDb entry
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Invader Zim is an American animated television series that was created by Jhonen Vasquez and originally produced by Nickelodeon. The series was targeted at older audiences, but, due to poor ratings, was pulled from the network after the first season. What was completed of the second season finally aired on Nicktoons Network in 2006. Media Blasters has also released the series as a DVD set in North America.

The show focused around Zim, an alien of the Irken race, who was sent to take over a mystery planet, Earth. His character tends to cause more harm than good for his peers, so the mission is seen as a way to get him far away. The episodes follow Zim in his many failed attempts to "conquer" the human race and a boy named Dib, who feels obliged to stop the "invasion."

Invader Zim was a show on Nickleodeon which aired from March 2001 - January 2003. The show was cancelled due to low ratings but the last finished episodes were aired on Nicktoons Network on June - August 2006.



The show had started on March 30 2001 with the episode The Nightmare Begins and zim had to destroy us oh and red and purple sent zim so he will get killed but it was long and zim didnt die well he did but its not for here. The show then started to show new episodes from April 2001 - December 2002. The show's last episode to air on Nickelodeon was The Worst Xmas Ever which was a complete 30 minute Christmas special.


The show then started showing repeats until January 2003 and then nick wanted zim to die and it was cancelled and eventually shown on Nicktoons Network which showed the last six episodes from June 10 2006 -August 19 2006. The show was cancelled due to low ratings but has been more popular after cancellation.

Incomplete Episodes

The show was then left with a majority of incomplete episodes many that are complete but did not get a chance to air while some with not even a script. There was an episode that was set to be called 10 Minutes to Doom where Zim would lose his pack and only have 10 minutes to retrive it. The ending would however kill Zim because nick wanted him dead so the show ended and the human named dib took zim's pack why nick? why?


gir is zim's robot helper called: a sir unit gir is funny and cute go gir