Windmils don't work that way
"Morbo" was a recurring character on the cartoon series Futurama he was voiced by voice acting ledgend Maurice LaMarche who also voiced many other characters for the show

physical apperance

Morbo is an alien with a large cranuim capicty.wich is why his head is so swollen up he is about 5'7.his head also deflates when in exetremely hot temeptures.


Morbo is seen as an angry person who seems to hate the majority of the people around him he is seen as very bent on wanting to destroy all humans. he even says it once every episode he appers in;but his co-anchor Linda usually laughs at it thinking its a joke.despite his hate for others he seems to be friends with the famous TV chef Elzar.even though he hates humans he has never been seen killing any of them or harming them as well.the farthest he can go is insulting there race

Relationship With Others

Morbo hardy knows anyone surrounding him besides his Co-Ancor witch he doesn't have a good relationship with he is usually insulting her about her oblivousness.but because Linda is the way she is she dos not know what he talking about.and most of the time that there on the news set Morbo is usually seen argueing with Linda over her stupidty (as seen in picture above).

Early life

morbo was origanly a spy for an upcoming alien invasion but soon quit the invasion and went on to become an incomptent news anchor