Plotz angry
Mr.Plotz was character on the show animaniacs he was the owner of Warner Bothers Studio.he is voiced by Frank Welker

physical apperance

Mr.Plotz is a very short man for his age he is 2,3 and is most definently in his early to late 60s.

Attatuide Towards People

Mr.Plotz is a stereotype of most ageing billonaires rude selfish. he will get rid of anything that gets in his way (namely the Warner siblings).he is the antagonist in most of the skits he is in. wich means he is the main antagonist in the course of the series.

relationship with the Warners

Mr.Plotz hated the Warners almost to the point where he wished they were dead.during the course of the series he ordered Ralph to capture the Warners and lock them in the water tower from wence they came.but it always seems to fail.But Plotz was the one who gave the siblings there job. it turned out to be the second worst mistake of his life. the first was when he let yakko deriect a cartoon.

Early life

the shows Christmas special revealed most about his life.Plotz was mean from the start. like the when he was five he brought his lawyers and a large desk and told santa that he wanted a white stalion with a brown tail.but when he got it he said santa gave him a pony.The other clip was dubed "the worst".this time he took Warner Bothers Studio away from his own father saying that he was to old to run it and he has to be pack his bags and leave the office by noon or else.