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"Pointy-Haired Boss" was a character in the comic strip an the cartoon series the cartoon series he was he was voiced by comedian Larry Miller.


Pointy Haired Boss seems to have an oblivious and idotic nature. he seems oblivious to the fact that his employees absolutely despise his incmoptent nature. he seems to enjoy making people do work that is unethical and unsafe.It also seems that he is very impaient in one episode he was going to everyones cubicals asking if there projet was finshed also seems that PHB is the mos narrow minde person in the comic strip (next to Catbert). once he has something set to his mind he wont let no one object to it and he means no one


PHB is the most incomptent character in the comic strip.Making employees wait 30 minutes at a meeting table just so he can clip his toenails.he also wants his employees to work 178 hours a week but they keep on telling him that there are only 168 hours a week but he still doesn't know that.He also says anything can be done if it saves money, making his employees finish and turn in projets papers etc. at impossible turn in dates.But his stupidty knows on boudrys as ordering Dilbert to build there there headquarters right next to the edge of a cliff and to build it in the shape of an iscosioles triangle.he also marainates burgers then lets them sit overnight before cooking them.


we still do not know the true name of the PHB though several names have been leaked out like Eunice and some others but besides that we do not exactly know Pointy haired bosses true name