Professor-Monkey-For-A-Head was a chrarcter on the show Earthworm Jim. Voiced by Charles Adler.

Physical Characteristics

The professor has a monkey for a head (the name says it all). He depicted to be in his early to late 40s. Another problem that he has was being turned into a breadmaker after asking the gods for another battery to make another supersuit. This may've occurred after the original had been dropped to Earth.


The professor has many problems with the monkey such as that Monkey always asking him for a banana or something else very stupid. Even though the rest of the characters can not understand him, the professor can. Mostly since they share an equal brain and that they're grafted together.


The professor happens to live in a very lavish laboratory along with his two hobbies, cooking and grooming.

Other People Like The Professor

He happens to have a late great aunt with a similar problem. She has a beaver grafted to her skull she appears in the Earthworm Jim viedo game. There is also sentor warthog for a head and another with an elephant for a head. Even the less devastaing cabdriver, Oyster-For-A-Head.