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Pucca is a Jetix show based off shorts originated on the internet. Pucca is animated and in control of Adobe Flash.


A girl named Pucca ( in love with a boy named Garu (Gar.ou),and Garu's enemy,Tobe (Toe.bey) is trying to defeat Garu.But for some reason, Pucca always stop his plans,no matter how many Nanjas he has with him (which, oddly, is part of the reason why he fails.) Sometimes, Tobe seems like a sitting duck! Other times, he is so hard to beat, Garu and Pucca may need help from Abyo (Ab.e.o),Ching, her chicken, Won, and sometimes even Mio (Me.o) and Yani, who are Pucca and Garu's pet cats. pucca is strong like superman and runs fast, shes 11 years old from Slam Bam Birthday Party.

Santa Claus

Santa is a comic relief person in this show.

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