another one of walters attemps to get back at slappy squirrel

"Walter Wolf" was a reccuring character on the show Animaniacs he was voiced by Frank Welker, later by Daran Norris.

Haterd for Slappy Squirrel

unlike slappys other rivals.Walter has been thrashed smashed bashed and mashed by her hundreds of times.Walter is like bugs bunnys Elmer when he gets a chance at getting revenge at slappy squirrel he plans it carefuly and smoothly. in one episode he boobie trapped all of the herbs tht slappy was going to eat. and turnd his chair into an electric chair.


Walter is a sterotype of most people his age. hes cranky rude to every one and usualy sits around in his home all day


It seems to be that walter wolf might bwe either jewish or Hlaf israeli because of his thick jewish accent